Mastering is the final step in the long process of recording a project. Although it is primarily thought of as simply making the mix louder and brighter, mastering also sets the final level between songs and the final length of each track. What’s often lost is that the main goal of mastering is to make it sound better. Not unlike adding the glossy paper to a magazine, we are trying to add a slightly more refined quality to the mix and bring out the best elements of the mix you worked so hard to finish. Although not a traditional mastering house, Nothing But Air Studio’s clients have repeatedly requested these services and we’ve developed a high quality product for clients on a budget. Most of the processing is done ITB with latest software plugins and Aurora mastering a/d d/a conversion. Depending on the esthetic of the project and previous mix processing, outboard equipment processing by pultecs eqs and neve compression can be used to get more color and character from a mix. A soft touch is typically required while mastering but it can make all the difference in releasing a great sounding album.

-5 to -6 db of headroom is suggested for mixes prior to mastering



with a round of revisions (mixes requiring additional work are assessed on a case by case basis)

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